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1. Rules for strategy creation
1.1 Crediting authors
1.2 Duplicates
1.3 Usage of creator tools
1.4 Language
2. Typical moderation actions

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Xu-Fu's Pet Guides were created with the goal in mind to provide the very best strategies for every pet battle challenge in the game.
To keep this promise, our Strategy Curators give their best to verify uploaded strategies and address issues with them.

While there is no creative ownership over pet battle strategies, we believe strongly in giving credit to the original author of specific strategy. Consequently, we do not modify, hide or delete strategies without a good reason for it while at the same time removing strategies if they are clearly copied from someone else without their approval or at the least a reference to the original version.

We try to stick to the rules outlined here but reserve the right to use judgement calls if needed in order to provide the best experience for our visitors.

1. Rules for strategy creation

Please follow these rules when adding your strategy:

1.1 Crediting authors

If you add a strategy from a different source (YouTube, Wowhead, etc.), provide a link to the original source in the info box.

1.2 Duplicates

Exact duplicates of existing strategies are not welcome and will most likely be removed. A duplicate is still a duplicate if:
- one or more pets of the original strategy are changed to direct substitutes that were already mentioned or shown in the original version of the strategy.
- steps are reworded but are basically identical.

If you believe your modification improves the original strategy instead of being an equivalent variation, it is often better to leave a comment with the original strategy outlining your suggested change, instead of uploading a new strategy.
Changing pets that use a different spell but with the same core mechanic (Flock/Stampede/Inflation) can be acceptable in certain situations, for example if the family or stats of the pet provide a clear advantage. If otherwise everything is identical, we might request to change the strategy or remove it.

If in doubt, you can always reach out to one of our Strategy Curators.

1.3 Usage of creator tools

Please use the provided tools for strategy creation where possible:
- Steps and instructions are meant to be in individual steps in that section, not the info box or all in one single line.
- Requirements for breed, health, speed or power of the pets should be added via the pet editor and not as text.
- Important information about the strategy should be captured in the info box, not in a regular comment.

If you are unsure how any of the tools work, please have a look at the Strategy Creation Guide.

1.4 Language

Although Xu-Fu is an international website and translations are offered, the base language is English and strategies should be created in English only.
Creator tools include quick-fill sentences that are auto-translated and the use of the spell and pet name inserts are recommended, as these are also translated automatically.

2. Typical moderation actions

Our curators are going through strategies on a regular basis and will address issues they see or highlight strategies that stick out as very successful.
The below are just a few examples of what might get addressed and what actions we would typically take. They are just examples to give a better understanding of our thought process. Different situations can of course result in very different action from our side.

Situation: A new strategy uses the same pets and same movesets but slightly different turns than an existing strategy.
Action: Contact the creator for clarification, as it appears to violate rule 1.2. If no response within a given timeframe, unpublish the strategy.

Situation: A new strategy has pets selected, but there are no turns and no instructions.
Action: Unpublish the strategy, contact the creator pointing out the situation.

Situation: A strategy is outright not working the way it is described.
Action: Contact the author to make them aware of the problem. If the strategy is almost impossible to work as it's described, we might hide it until it is fixed.

Situation: A strategy is created in a different language than English.
Action: If most of the strategy is auto-translated and thus fine to understand by English-speaking visitors, no action should be taken. However, if most of the strategy is free-form text that is required to understand how it works, we will unpublish the strategy and ask the creator to offer a translation or use pre-fill texts where possible. Google translate is usually fine for the translation.

Situation: A new strategy is published but has no editing in it at all (no pets, steps or anything else selected).
Action: Delete the strategy.

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wrote on 09/19/2019

I don't see a situation in which a moderater can alter your strategy without contacting the author of the strategy. Yet this happens. (edited)
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wrote on 09/19/2019

Thanks for your comment :-)
The moderation actions under #2 are only examples, not an exhaustive list. The rules in #1 are what really counts but I want to specifically highlight this sentence from the introduction, quote: "We try to stick to the rules outlined here but reserve the right to use judgement calls if needed in order to provide the best experience for our visitors."