New Pets & Updates from Alpha ~~ 1 July

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New Pets & Updates from Alpha ~~ 1 July
2020-07-01 22:42:08
Some of these updates are just adding in images of the rares or item the pets drop from, or the vendors they can be purchased from.

However! There are a couple of new pet models, and one pet whose name was changed a little and fleshed out some.

As Always:

Spoiler warning!


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Animated Tome

  • Drop: Scrivener Lenua
  • Zone: Revendreth

Bloodfeaster Spiderling

  • Location: Unknown. Might be a wild pet.
  • Abilities:

Blue Gormling or Grubby?

  • Quest: A Bittersweet Prize
  • Zone: Ardenweald
  • Item name: Grubby -- Summons: Blue Gormling

This quest has not come up in the datamining as of yet.

Court Messenger

  • Vendor: Mistress Mihaela
  • Faction: Court of Harvesters – Revered

Dusky Dredwing Pup

  • Drop: Court of Harvesters Tribute
  • Faction: Court of Harvesters

The Court of Harvesters Tribute is listed as an Emissary Cache.

Emotional Leecher

  • Drop: Leeched Soul

  • Drop: Manifestation of Wrath

Lost Soul

  • Previous name/model: Trapped Soul
  • Pet Battle: Cowering Lost Soul
  • World Quest: Swarming Souls
  • Zone: Revendreth

A soul, having faced the sins of the past, wanders lost in the recent turmoil of the Shadowlands.


PH Abomination One

  • Zone: Maldraxxus

PH Abomination Two

  • Zone: Maldraxxus

PH Hornet

Currently shows as the same model as the PH Bloodlouse One

PH Skeleton Slime One

  • Zone: Maldraxxus

PH Skeleton Slime Two

  • Zone: Maldraxxus

PH Slime Tentacle

  • Zone: Maldraxxus

Rose Spiderling

  • Drop: Tomb Burster (Currently has the same model as the Rose Spiderling)
  • Vendor: Funguss

Spotted Hopper

  • Location/Source: Unknown

Violet Dredwing Pup

  • Drop: Rendle and Cudgelface’s Quickly Wrapped Gift Box
  • Location: The Ember Court

Likely has something to do with this invitation:



New Models Not Listed under Battle Pets or Battle Pet NPCs

There are some new models datamined here, but haven't come up on the listing for battle pets.


That's everything for this build!

And don't worry: once we get closer to Shadowlands release, we'll have a compilation article with all the details for each pet that we've been able to gather.

There's still no news on any currency changes, but the minute we see anything come up on the alpha about it, we'll be sure to let you know!

Happy battling!

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