The Tanaan Jungle

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최신 업데이트 2020-11-22

The Tanaan Jungle which was added in patch 6.2 brings with it 15 new pet battles: The Tiny Terrors of Tanaan!

These pets are similar to the Beasts of Fable, yet have different mechanics with them.

Instead of being very strong on their own they bring some colleagues from the area around them, just like any other pet battle out in the wild. Those are chosen randomly which makes the fight a bit different every single time.

The legendary pets themselves always face you up first, and they have their very own skillsets. Most notably they all share one ability though: Fel Corruption. Not only does it damage your whole team considerably, but it also buffs the enemy pets in the back line massively. With the three round cooldown it means you need to finish the legendary pet fast or this spell alone will dismantle your team.

On the right you will find a suggested route that you can follow to farm the Terrors. It works both on ground as well as with a flying mount, no matter if you start from the Horde or Alliance camp. The menu on the left follows the same order.

Thanks go to Zoltar for providing the route and to Margosch for adding TomTom waypoints:
/way 75.45, 37.36 Defiled Earth
/way 57.73 37.34 Direflame
/way 54.07, 29.83 Dark Gazer
/way 48.07, 33.02 Skrillix (Cave)
/way 48.37, 35.47 Netherfist
/way 44.03, 45.72 Vile Blood
/way 47.33, 52.78 Dreadwalker
/way 53.01, 65.21 Corrupted Thundertail
/way 55.90. 80.76 Felfly
/way 43.37, 84.44 Tainted Maulclaw
/way 42.23, 71.79 Mirecroak
/way 31.37, 38.06 Cursed Spirit
/way 26.14, 31.60 Felsworn Sentry
/way 15.74, 44.44 Bleakclaw
/way 25.04, 76.21 Chaos Pup
If you prefer to have this in Macros, check out this amazing macro set created by Prudentius.

Once you beat all of the Terrors of Tanaan, a new achievement will be yours: Tiny Terrors in Tanaan.

But there is more to have. Although there is no quest from a quest hub associated with them, you can simply fight against them where they are and once per day you will get Fel-Touched Pet Supplies as reward for every legendary pet you beat. Apart from the usual convenience items, the satchels can contain a few new pets:

장가르 포자
악몽의 종
청보라색 강물하마
바다 포자
Xu-Fu can scan this section for the most suitable strategies according to your preferences and show the required pets.
Depending on the amount of fights in the section, this can take up to a minute to process.

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