The Deadmines
Please find below the list of pets required for Xu-Fu's challenge mode guide:

The list of required pets can sadly not be displayed right now due to updates Blizzard is making on the armory.
A new version of the tables will be added as soon as possible.

If you have beaten the Wailing Critters dungeon before, Breanni in Legions Dalaran will offer you a breadcrumb quest to fly to the Deadmines in Westfall.
There, Marcus "Bagman" Brown will greet you and send you to the actual dungeon.

The dungeon's 9 fights are much more diverse in comparison to the Wailing Critters, but are overall very comparable in difficulty. If you have a large roster of pets, you won't have any trouble beating it.

The unlocked challenge mode works exactly like before - no healing or reviving pets within the dungeon. Completing it however will grant you one Old Bottle Cap, a new currency that you can directly turn it at Marcus for three new pets:

전투 절단기 0.9 (1 bottlecap)
해적모자 찍찍이 (2 bottlecaps)
꼬마 대포 (3 bottlecaps)

To get all three (non-tradeable!) pets, you will therefore have to run the dungeon 7 times. Once on normal mode and then 6 challenge modes.
Good luck and enjoy the new dungeon!

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