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One month to go for Battle for Azeroth, and this week the pre-patch will hit already! With so many changes coming in that patch, a blog entry about it is long overdue. - - 1. Use your pet charms today! - Pet Charms as we know it will lose in their value immensely. With the ... continue reading
Another update already! - This one went much smoother than I expected, and I'm super happy about it. It is feature 2 of 3 core things I need to complete before Battle for Azeroth hits the shelves. That gives me another 6 weeks from now to finish up and have Xu-Fu ready for ... continue reading
Today I am very happy to introduce a new section to Xu-Fu’s Pet Guides. A topic that has been neglected for way too long: Pet PvP! - - Rosqo, well known in the pvp world of pet battles, volunteered to work on this section and will fill it with life. He is creating many ... continue reading

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wrote today on: 귀냠냠이 (Beast)
I didn't have the Basilisk so used this strat from Cymre: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S15hLgyTOXc - Corgi (or anything, doesn't matter) + Thaumaturgical Piglet + ... [continue reading]
Used a P/P Crimson Geode (because I hunted hard for that fellow!) and the Searing Scorchling was swapped in first. Simply used the movesets listed for this strategy for Searing and when the Swap to Crimson Geode happened, used its same listed movesets. Cinder Kitten for the ... [continue reading]
Dirk wrote today on: Falcosaur Team Rumble
Very confusing. As others have said the Falc needs to be the first pet according to the quest text and cannot die plus must be summoned before beginning. I have done several pet battles and not got credit. The last time I did it , I completed everything as required and still ... [continue reading]
LadySilverwolf wrote today on: Home
To the Team here: - First I want to thank you for the continued development and implementation of the tools you have created for everyone here. I love coming back to see all the wonderful shiny implementations you are doing, and the fact that people can log in, vote and upscale ... [continue reading]

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