Legion World Quests
The Legion is upon us! And with it so are World Quests.

One of the biggest new features of the latest expansion are World Quests - activities that directly pop up in your world map once you reach level 110 and earn Friendly reputation in all zones (which happens automatically if you quest through the zones). For the world quests, all you have to do is travel to each location, fulfill the requirements and reap some nice rewards!
There are plenty of different objectives, and one particular is: Pet Battles!

Every day there are 3 different pet battle quests available, taken completely at random from the overall pool of 37 challenges. That is more than in any previous expansion!

Also, there is an achievement to successfully complete at least 30 of them: Battle on the Broken Isles
Special mention should go to the reward of this achievement, which will increase your pet limit from 1000 to 1500! Should come in handy for all of us collectors :-)

As usual, below table will list all pets required to use the main strategies listed here:

The list of required pets can sadly not be displayed right now due to updates Blizzard is making on the armory.
A new version of the tables will be added as soon as possible.

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