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1. Introduction
2. Call Darkness
3. Traps
4. AoE/Cleave
5. Clone Dance
6. Leeching (Plagued Blood)
7. Toxic Fumes
8. Heal & Stall

Last updated 2020-03-08

Surviving the Meta

1. Introduction

In this part of the PvP section we want to prepare you for the current Meta game that you will face playing against random opponents. Further below is a simple list of some of the most popular and strongest team compositions. We explain their functionality and also name some abilities/pets that these teams are being played with, together with suggestions of how to counter stated strategies.

Furthermore this article serves as a platform to upload your favorite PvP teams for others to discuss about or to help people who find themselves troubled creating good teams on their own. On the left side you can see different categories in which spoken teams can be uploaded.

Please note that different Meta-gameplay can be expected depending on the region you are in. Therefor both lists -the written introduction and the categories of the strategy creation tool- are never considered to be finished and will evolve with the Meta and your suggestions of themes that this article is missing.

We hope that we can make PvP pet battling more attractive to you and we look forward to read your opinions and knowledge for sharing and improving.
-Shenk & Rosqo

Here we will go through the most common strategies and highlighted abilities you will face whilst in the PvP queue and how to set up your teams to counter them.

2. Call Darkness

어둠 소환 is the strongest weather ability bar none. It also has several abilities which synergize extremely well with it: 야밤의 일격, 정령의 일격, 은밀한 공격, 빛의 쇄도, and 일천 주먹의 분노. Most Darkness teams will run at least one flying pet with 어둠 소환 and 야밤의 일격 and the rest with something else that gets buffed by darkness or blinding effects. They are difficult combinations to counter because of the burst nature of the teams.

Common pets: 해골 천둥매, any 야밤의 일격 flier with 292+ speed or 300+ power like 무시무시 꼬마 까마귀, 서리거죽 쥐, 밤그늘 묘목, 유령 까마귀, 황혼냥이, 그림자미호, 위상의 영혼

Counters: Weather Changes (2+), Elementals, Blocks/Deflects/Dodges for the big combo hits, 빛의 쇄도, Beasts with strong magic damage (take less damage from 어둠 소환 and counter the flier e.g. 요술 돼지)

3. Traps

Traps are in theory depending on RNG but in the majority of fights they work pretty reliable. Quite often both 마그마 덫 and 쥐덫 will trigger right away, dealing not few damage and also stunning the affected pet for an entire round. This gives you a huge advantage. Traps are also hard to counter due to their unpredictability and because they trigger when they get removed.

Common pets: 불꽃사냥개, 꼬마 라그나로스, 꼬마 용암 광전사, 활활이, 호기심 많은 새끼 울바르, 치자용수철 개구리

Counters: Critters, Arcane Winds (e.g. 비전 폭풍), Dodge & Block abilities (can still fail) ->Note: dispelling or removing it will trigger the trap!

4. AoE/Cleave

This kind of teams is currently the most popular one for a number of reasons. AoE is easy to play, often very effective, can be tough to beat without a direct counter and you can play it even with very cheap pets. The strength of such a team lies within killing the whole enemy team simultaneously. This can also be used against it, as those players often spam nothing but cleaves, which will struggle against pets that are tanky or have a good self sustain.

Common pets: 역병숨결, 지옥불 화염집게, 황혼의 작은자매, 꼬마 해체자, 꼬마 누더기골렘

Counters: 모래폭풍, Team-Blocks (e.g. 연막탄), Blinding Effects, Reflect/Thorns Effects (e.g. 유리 거미줄), Team Heal, 무력화/냄새나는 액체 병, High Hp Pets

5. Clone Dance

The Clone Dance strategy covers good single target and team-wide damage, which is what makes it so successful. The core idea is to summon a 회오리바람 and then boost it with a buff that increases your hit chance. In most of the cases that's a 폭우의 춤 (hence the name 'Clone Dance).

Common 회오리바람 pets: 역병매, 무한의 새끼운룡, P/P Buzzards or Eagles (e.g. 새끼 왕깃), 해안 나비, 야생 황금 운룡/야생 비취 운룡

Common buff pets: 비취안개 춤꾼, 포다, P/P Toucans (e.g. 핏빛 칼부리), 왕실 공작새, 새끼 모래게

Counters: Debuff Removals, 모래폭풍, Dragons, Blocking or Blinding the 회오리바람, Minefields (unless it's against a 비취안개 춤꾼), any Wave Attacks (e.g. 마그마의 물결)

6. Leeching (Plagued Blood)

Instead of direct healing abilities this strategy relies on applying buffs or debuffs like 오염된 혈액, which will heal the attacker whenever it hits the affected pet. That way a team of badly hurt pets can get back to full or high health in the middle of the match while still dealing damage. However, failing to hit debuffed pets however will negate the purpose of this strategy and lower the chance to win. Therefor often mind games will come into action.

Common pets: 세드의 아들, 루비 물방울, 스컬지 새끼용, 원령의 아들, 유령 구더기, 잔달라 정강이덥썩이

Counters: 어둠 소환, 모래폭풍, Dodge/Block/Blinding for 원령의 손길 or other vampiric abilities with a Cooldown, Reflects (e.g. 맹독 피부)

7. Toxic Fumes

맹독 가스 is the newest weather in patch 8.3. It has two effects; it extends the duration of any damage over time effect by 1 round (the opposite of cleansing rain) and all pets are considered poisoned. This makes it a versatile ability because there are multiple ways to gain value from it. 전염의 일격 and 상처 꿰뚫기 are the only two abilities that are stronger against a poisoned target, but since all pets with these can apply poisons themselve this combo isn't that powerful. The more impactful synergies come from DoTs that used to be balanced by lasting for a short duration and can be extremely potent having one extra round of effect under 맹독 가스. Examples would be 독성 작동규약, 엄청난 독침 or 부식.

Common pets: 아노말루스, 울부짖는 덩굴손, 공허의 자취가 남은 무리바퀴, 악취숨결

Counters: Weather changes (2+, espacially 모래폭풍), Aquatics against DoT teams, Team heals against DoT teams (e.g. 잊을 수 없는 노래), Shields (e.g. 무쇠가죽)

Note that as of 8.3.0 the racial of elemental pets does not work properly for 맹독 가스. For some abilities it works and for others it doesn't (e.g. 상처 꿰뚫기).

8. Heal & Stall

For the most part these are the kind of teams which require little to no skill and are unnecessarily lengthening the match. They are spamming a lot of healing and blocking abilities to either prevent you from dealing any damage or outheal that which you can deal. We really don't want to support this behaviour but since there is a high chance for you to encounter them we're listing them for the sake of coverage. Not every pet that falls in this category is negative for the Meta and on its own can be a good and reasonable pick, but focusing an entire team around that theme is toxic and should be avoided for fair sportsmanship.

Common abilities: 광합성+햇살 combinations (e.g. 하롱하롱 고대정령), 미끼 Spam, anything that uses 소원, Humanoids with 불태우기, 피 빼기 together with 햇살

Counters: 어둠 소환 or other Healing Reduce, Root Effects (e.g. Sticky Goo), Forced Swaps, strong Single Target Hits (e.g. 수압)

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