Changes to the BRD Pet Dungeon

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Changes to the BRD Pet Dungeon
2020-01-22 10:57:34
During maintenance on Tuesday, Blizzard pushed some changes to the BRD pet dungeon to Therin Skysong, Alran Heartshade, & Zuna Skullcrush. This should help to further stabilize strategies, and reduce RNG. Since changes have been made, we'd advice any strategy creators for the dungeon to test their strats to see how the changes have impacted said strategies.


Therin Skysong

  • Logic

Power reduced from 355 to 311

  • Math

Power reduced from 350 to 289

Alran Heartshade

  • Frill

Health reduced from 1762 to 1500

Power reduced from 271 to 236

  • Ruddy

Health reduced from 2200 to 1916

Power reduced from 245 to 219

  • Wanderer

Health reduced from 2139 to 1767

Power reduced from 311 to 250

Zuna Skullcrush

  • Crushface

Health reduced from 2007 to 1723

Power reduced from 311 to 268

  • Fozling

Health reduced from 1981 to 1631

Power reduced from 367 to 350

Speed reduced from 245 to 236

  • Tremors

Health reduced from 1964 to 1723

Power reduced from 329 to 297

Also, your link to Manapoof should now be good to go!

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글 올리기 2020-01-29 04:21:04

Enemy pets got weaker, pet battler life becomes easier!