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wrote today on: Cliffs of Bastion (아쿠아)
Thank you for the suggestion. Ran into the same issue, and yup. Got it on first try with P/S Mongoose Pup.
You must have gotten super RNG lucky. PP is too RNG heavy. Better to switch to S/S Sprite Darter and win 1st try.


wrote today on: Pack Leader (크리터)
Tried this one 7 or 8 times and failed every time


wrote today on: Chittermaw
love it!
gndgekleg wrote today on: 관찰자 알갈론
You will need to improvise ALOT. If you use the Aniklerender Ikky Dragonling Combo - - I just finished this after changing the last pet to Son of Sethe (1,1,1) - As far as strategy - use the above and when the first two pets die, use the Son and when Son of Sethe falls below about 40% Health use Drain Blood(3) to keep your health up. Otherwise Keep Hiss(2) on CD and spam Absorb(1). - Do NOT give up as unless you die [b][u]before[/u][/b] the Armageddon as YOU will revive and WIN. Cheeky? YES ... [계속 읽기]
It just worked...Oppo had beaver and Rabbit in back row. Only my lvl pet survived...
Did'nt have Shadowback Crawler. Used Tideskipper instead. Worked like a charm
ability(Photosynthesis:268) [self.aura(Photosynthesis:267).duration<=2] - ability(Sunlight:404) [weather(Sunny Day:403).duration<=5] - change(next) - - This works... took a long time, but 100% safe
Layy wrote today on: 썩은발톱이
I'm sure there is a better way to script this but this worked out for me: - - - if [ self(#1).active ] - ability(Wind-Up) [ self.round ==1 ] - ability(Wind-Up) [ self.round ==2 ] - ability(Explode) [ self.round ==3 ] - change(#2) [ self(#1).dead ] - endif - if [ self(#2).active ] - ability(Decoy) [ self.round ==1 ] - ability(Explode) [ self.round ==2 ] - change(#3) [ self(#2).dead ] - endif - if [ self(#3).active ] - standby [ self.round ==1 ] - ability(Ion Cannon) [ self.round ==2 ] - ... [계속 읽기]


wrote today on: Uncomfortably Undercover (자연)
Used an H/H fozling, and since I didn't have a sunflower, used a B/B Broot--same skills, but slightly lower health than sunflower. worked fine.

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2021-05-03 05:59:17
You’re not quite sure how you got roped into this, but through the haze of last night’s drinking of a particularly heady Pandaren brew you recall a card game. In fact, as the bits and pieces slowly fall into place while you eat your breakfast, you remember someone unexpected and out of place at the card table: a matronly woman. After being thoroughly trounced, you pushed the winnings toward her.

She smiled, and only took half. “You’ll need the rest for tomorrow,” she said, and handed you a note.

It was that note you now held in your hand, and all it had was directions. Curious, you follow it to a building full to the brim with chattering, excited children.

“Ah!” the woman from last night exclaimed. “So glad you could make it. I have just the child for you,” she said, turning to head back inside, ignoring your slack-jawed shock.

“Here you go,” she said, a child bounding out of the building with her. “You two have fun, now.”

She waved the two of you off as you walk away from the orphanage. Panic races through you as you realize you have no idea what to do, but the kid just laughed.

“Beat you in a card game, didn’t she?” they asked.

You nod, and a broad grin broke out across their face.

“Matron is the best card shark this side of the Great Sea. Does this every year. Look,” they say, pointing to a cluster of equally stunned adventurers. “Don’t worry. I have tons of ideas about what we can do!” the kid exclaims.

Maybe today won’t be as bad as you think.

Happy Children’s Week, fellow Azerothians! Children’s Week is when adventurers, such as yourself, take time out of your villain-slaying schedule to give the orphans of various wars and conflicts something to look forward to. You’ll be heading to different locales, giving the children gifts, excitement, and a taste of adventure, so let’s get going—the kids are waiting!

There are four different sets of pets that can be obtained from different matrons, so make sure you’re heading to the correct orphanage! A total of 14 pets can be obtained through this holiday, and if you have enough alts they can all be yours in one year. However, if you’re looking to get the Veteran Nanny achievement, see our note below in the Achievement section at the bottom.

All pets that are part of this holiday are cageable, except the Curious Wolvar Pup & the Curious Oracle Hatchling

While Blizzard has stated the quests are; "Available to characters level 10 or above," we're not quite sure how or if the level squish and Chromie time will impact what levels you can do these quest chains, so the levels will be removed until we know for sure!

1 Orgrimmar / Stormwind

Horde will go to Orphan Matron Battlewail in Orgrimmar, and Alliance to Orphan Matron Nightingale in Stormwind. This is a 6-part quest chain for both factions, and easy to complete. At the end of the chain, you’ll be rewarded with your choice of:

1.1 Rat Cage / Whiskers the Rat

1.2 Turtle Box / Speedy

1.3 Snail Shell / Scooter the Snail

1.4 Piglet’s Collar / Mr. Wiggles

2 Shattrath

Horde and Alliance need to go to Shattrath and accept the quest from Orphan Matron Mercy, who will give Horde players a Blood Elf child, and Alliance players a Draenai child. This is once again a 6-part chain, at the end of which you’ll be rewarded with your choice of:

2.1 Egbert’s Egg / Egbert

2.2 Elekk Training Collar, Peanut

2.3 Sleepy Willy / Willy

2.4 Legs

3 Dalaran (Northrend)

Horde and Alliance will need to go to Dalaran in Northrend and accept the quest from Orphan Matron Aria. This is the only faction non-specific chain set for Children’s Week. When speaking with the matron, you’ll be given the choice between an Oracle or Wolvar orphan. After your 7-part chain, whichever orphan you chose will be reflected in your pet reward:

3.1 Curious Oracle Hatchling

3.2 Curious Wolvar Pup

4 Battle for Azeroth

Horde will go to Caretaker Padae in the Grand Bazaar in Dazar’alor, and Alliance will go to Orphan Matron Westerson at Hook Point in Boralus. This is also a 6-part quest chain that will conclude with your choice of:

4.1 Sandy Hermit Crab Shell / Mr. Crabs

4.2 Beakbert

4.3 Slimy Pouch / Froglet

4.4 Enchanted Saurolisk Scale / Scaley

5 Achievements

There are also two achievements that are specifically tied to the pets of the event: Veteran Nanny, and Aw, Isn’t It Cute?

Veteran Nanny is an achievement that will take players at least three years to complete, because it does not count across characters. All the pets for the achievement come from the same orphan matron, and the chain can only be done once a year.

And that’s everything!

We at Xu-Fu’s wish you all the best in your pet collecting endeavors, and until next time: Happy Battling!
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2021-05-02 15:18:02
Time to announce the winners of Xu-Fu's big Treasure Hunt :-)

But first, a few words from me. It's been incredible fun to put this game together. For years I have toyed with the idea of making a game like this, and even before Xu-Fu was set lose on the internets, exactly 6 years ago today, creating a browsergame was always something of a dream. Not any longer! It was a fantastic experience from putting together all the different pieces, discussing almost endlessly with our team how to balance it, seeing all the positive feedback - and even though it didn't work out exactly as planned, for me it was a pure success!

I want to give a BIG thanks to everyone who helped me along the way, especially Shenk for the immense amount of super detailed feedback. Nyari for testing, additional ideas and the push towards removing PvP, DragonsAfterDark for the support and feedback and Isa for the awesome artwork.
Also, big thanks to Remte, Wakamaru, Shenk, Rylene, Nyari and Blizzard EU for sponsoring prizes!

Yes I know, you really want to know if you won something, but bear with me a little bit longer, I'd like to tell you some stats. The activity on this game was incredible, here's some stats for you:

  • There was a total of 273,200 interactions with the game!
  • 5,289 warriors were bought or adopted
  • And they were used in 22,311 battles!
  • A total of 1,009,756 coins was picked up from strategy locations!
  • And since the change to PvE, 1,212,188 coins were claimed from protected chests.
  • Which were used, in parts, for 152,257 raffle tickets!!!

But now, on to the winners :D
The winners of the Leaderboard are:

  • 1st place: 1 Year of WoW Gametime goes to Mutanis!
  • 2nd place: BlizzConline Celebration Bundle, Epic Edition goes to Ivaelia
  • 3rd place: $40 Battle.net Balance goes to Jguthrie66

And these are the winners for Raffle Tickets:

Prizes for all regions
Prizes for North American players (Sponsored by Wakamaru from the Azeroth Adoption Agency)
Prizes for European players

Congrats to all winners! I will reach out to each of you within the next few days here through direct message on Xu-Fu's to hand over your prizes :)
Feel free to reach out to me proactively if you want, via direct message here on the page ideally (so I can be sure it's you), but don't worry if I don't respond immediately. There's a ton of prizes and pets to re-home so please be patient with me.

For those curious, this is how the winners were decided:
First, I removed all tickets from those who are on the internal team. Then I made a cross-check against cheating and removed everyone I found was botting.
Then, I wrote a tiny script that picks a random ticket out of the pool ("SELECT * FROM Game_Tickets ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1" for those curious), which then also gave me the user and region of the user.

If it's EU, I picked a prize (top down) from the EU pool. If it's US, I picked one from US. If it was KR or TW, I picked one from the region-agnostic prizes (except the Betakeys because they only work for US or EU players, sorry).
Once a region ran out of prizes, I also went to the region-agnostic prizes.
And... once those are gone, I had to skip that region until all prizes were raffled out.

Just explaining this here to show that it was a fair and randomized roll, no prejudices. You can also watch me raffle out the winners in this video capture
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2021-05-02 13:47:23
Aaaand the game has concluded, with some frantic activity towards the end :D

I will shorrly give everyone access to their vault back but without the ability to make any changes, just so you can check your activity and see how many coins and tickets you accumulated.
Winners will be raffled and announced later today, stay tuned!
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2021-04-29 05:54:32
On the 22nd of April, World of Warcraft players all over the globe reached the stretch goal to raise $1 million for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)! The donations were; "directed to the MSF COVID-19 Crisis Fund to support the organization’s global response to the pandemic and its consequences."

This year diverged from the normal model of donating through the shop by purchasing a pet, and instead asked players to donate directly to the charity. As a result, players were given two goals, with a pet being given to the entire playerbase for each goal if they were reached, even if a player wasn't able to donate anything themselves.

Our first goal was $500,000, which unlocked the Trading Card Game pet Bananas.

The second, or stretch, goal was $1,000,000, which was reached on the 22nd and unlocked Daisy.

Both pets are now claimable through the shop until August 1, 2021. After that date Daisy will continue to be purchasable through the shop, but that does not appear to be the case for Bananas.

So don't don't forget to claim your Bananas & Daisy, and thank you to all who donated!

Happy Battling!
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2021-04-17 19:04:30
Update April 18th: The below changes are now in effect!
Compensation for coins invested in your vault defense as well as the arena challenge fights are not implemented yet. Both will be added asap.

Thanks everyone for participating in the quick survey!
It's pretty clear which direction the game should take. But the devil's in the details, so here's my current plan on how to make this change happen. Let me know what you think! There's still time to make adjustments.

1 Removal of PvP elements

All options to attack other players will be gone. You will also not be able to stash coins anymore because... why would you ^^
Your vault will also not have a power level anymore and no options to upgrade it. Coins invested in upgrading will be compensated back later on.

2 Warrior repurpose

Warriors will still be around and you will keep all your warriors. They will come in use for two new features:
  • Chests you find on strategies are protected by NPC warriors. you need to beat them in order to claim the chest
  • Within your vault, you will be able to take part in an arena challenge. Your choice which difficulty - higher risk, higher reward
  • Since there won't be a need for many warriors anymore, you will be able to sell warriors in exchange for coins. Sell prices TBD

3 New Leaderboard

The leaderboard on the front page will stay very similarly, showing who has the largest hoard of coins. There will also be prizes for the top 3 players who accumulate the most coins by the end of the game. That means you will still have to decide between purchasing raffle tickets or hoarding your coins to aim for one of the leaderboard spots.

Prizes for the Leaderboard are:
  • 1st place: 1 Year of WoW Gametime
  • 2nd place: BlizzConline Celebration Bundle, Epic Edition (sponsored by Blizzard EU)
  • 3rd place: $40 Battle.net Balance

(The other two prizes are added to the raffle tickets)

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2017-10-29 18:11:57 Xu-Fu 2.0 is live! Aranesh Page Update
2017-09-29 11:25:10 Aranesh is back :-) Aranesh Page Update
2017-09-10 08:57:37 A big thanks and a small brb Aranesh Page Update
2017-09-01 11:54:13 Anomalous onslaught on Argus Aranesh Page Update
2017-08-24 12:10:14 Argus is almost here! Aranesh WoW News
2017-08-07 14:05:03 Say Hi to the Azeroth Adoption Agency Aranesh Pet News
2017-07-09 17:51:23 A glimpse of Xu-Fu 2.0 Aranesh Page Update
2017-07-01 11:30:31 ¡Hola Aranesh Page Update
2017-06-11 11:19:20 A quick development update Aranesh Page Update
2017-06-06 14:59:33 Deadmines guide live! Aranesh Page Update
2017-05-28 12:45:19 TD Battle Pet Script Aranesh Page Update
2017-05-08 19:30:29 And the winners are ... Aranesh Competitions
2017-04-30 17:28:08 Happy Birthday Xu-Fu! Aranesh Competitions
2017-04-22 16:55:21 The Move of the Falcosaur Aranesh Page Update
2017-03-18 10:39:11 Wailing Critters and more Aranesh Pet News
2017-02-12 10:53:15 Wailing Critters Guides Aranesh Pet News
2015-05-15 10:36:12 Patch 6.2 Pet Madness! Aranesh Pet News
2015-05-12 20:43:53 New Feature incoming! Aranesh Page Update
2015-05-03 16:27:53 The Darkmoon Faire! Aranesh WoW News
2015-05-01 12:04:10 Let the guide begin! Aranesh Page Update
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