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The release of a new addon is always a very special time. All that anticipation, culminating into the first hours of entering new zones and experiencing all the new content that we only read about or maybe saw some videos. Or played on the beta, but it's not the same ... continue reading
What's that ominous Plus sign right next to each strategy? Your way to add strategies to Xu-Fu of course! - - It was long overdue and from this day onward you can stop adding your strategies into comments, because now you have access to a full new toolset allowing you to ... continue reading
One month to go for Battle for Azeroth, and this week the pre-patch will hit already! With so many changes coming in that patch, a blog entry about it is long overdue. - - 1. Use your pet charms today! - Pet Charms as we know it will lose in their value immensely. With the ... continue reading

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wrote today on: Growing Ectoplasm 2
I have three Mechanical Pandaren Dragonlings (because man, are those things useful!), so I had one to use on this fight. It managed to solo the entire thing with breath, decoy, and thunderbolt. - - Decoy on cooldown, spam breath until the ectoplasm dies, thunderbolt when the ... [continue reading]
mavrck48 wrote today on: Not So Bad Down Here
tdscript. - - change(#1) [self(#2).dead & !self(#1).active] - if [self(#1).active & enemy(Chum).active] - ability(#1) [self.round=1] - ability(#3) [self.round=2] - ability(#1) [self.round=3] - endif - if [self(#1).active & enemy(Bruce).active] - ability(#1) ... [continue reading]


wrote today on: Automated Chaos
Nightmare Treant (1,2,2) can solo it aswell
jtam11 wrote today on: Not So Bad Down Here
Oh ouch. Yeah both times I attempted it, he only used his aoe move that hit for a little over 100.

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